About Us

Kavli INsD

The Kavli Institute for Nanoscience Discovery (Kavli INsD), inaugurated in April 2021, is located in the centre of the South Parks Road science area at the University of Oxford. The 20th institute to be funded by the Kavli Foundation, we are also the University of Oxford’s first interdisciplinary science institute spanning the life, medical and physical sciences. 

We are home to a team of faculty and researchers who hail from a range of departments but are all leading discovery into the most basic unit of life, the cell.

Kavli INsD researchers specialise in structural biology, biochemistry, pathology, chemistry, physics, physiology and engineering. They are unified by their focus on science at the nanoscale – the scale of proteins, viruses and DNA.

We are working together to make significant contributions across a range of major health challenges: antimicrobial resistance, the brain and mental health, infectious disease, and malaria – and to create new instrumentation to bring the analytical power of the physical sciences into the cell.

We aspire to carry out world-class nanoscience research, and to exemplify an inclusive, collaborative and kind working culture.

Kavli INsD is led by Professor Carol Robinson, a highly decorated chemist known for her work in using mass spectrometry to study the 3D structures of proteins.


Kavli Management Committee 
Director: Professor Dame Carol Robinson (Chemistry)
Deputy Director: Professor Achillefs Kapanidis (Physics)
Deputy Director: Professor Molly Stevens (DPAG)


Professor Richard Wade-Martins (DPAG)
Professor Philipp Kukura (Chemistry)
Professor Kevin Talbot (NDCN)
Professor Russell Foster (NDCN/SCNi)
Professor Matt Higgins (Biochemistry)
Dr Lindsay Baker (Kavli Fellow/Biochemistry) 
Kavli Senior Leadership Council 

Kavli Director: Carol Robinson (Chemistry)
Kavli Deputy Director: Professor Achillefs Kapanidis (Physics)

Deputy Director: Professor Molly Stevens (DPAG)
Heads of Divisions: ex-officio
Professor Gavin Screaton (Medical Sciences) 
Professor Sam Howison (Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences)
Heads of Departments
Professor Ian Shipsey (Physics)
Professor Francis Barr (Biochemistry)
Ex-officio: Professor Matthew Freeman (Dunn School of Pathology)