Direct Observation of the Molecular Mechanism Underlying Protein Polymerization

Hundt N, Cole D, Hantke MF, Miller JJ, Struwe WB, Kukura P

August 2022 | Journal article | Science Advances | Read

Structural Basis for Proton Coupled Cystine Transport by Cystinosin

Löbel M, Salphati SP, El Omari K, Wagner A, Tucker SJ, Parker JL, Newstead S

August 2022 | Journal article | Nature Communications | Read

Multiplex Lateral Flow Assay and the Sample Preparation Method for the Simultaneous Detection of Three Marine Toxins

Mills C, Dillon MJ, Kulabhusan PK, Senovilla-Herrero D, Campbell K

August 2022 | Journal article | Environmental Science & Technology | Read

Re-examining Extreme Sleep Duration in Bats: Implications for Sleep Phylogeny, Ecology, and Function

Harding CD, Yovel Y, Peirson SN, Hackett TD, Vyazovskiy VV

August 2022 | Journal article | Sleep | Read

A new class of biological ion-driven rotary molecular motors with 5:2 symmetry

Rieu M, Krutyholowa R, Taylor NMI, Berry RM

August 2022 | Journal article | Frontiers in Microbiology | Read

Invariant Surface Glycoprotein 65 of Trypanosoma Brucei is a Complement C3 Receptor

Macleod OJS, Cook AD, Webb H, Crow M, Burns R, Redpath M, Seisenberger S, Trevor CE, Peacock L, Schwede A, Kimblin N, Francisco AF, Pepperl J, Rust S, Voorheis P, Gibson W, Taylor MC, Higgins MK, Carrington M

August 2022 | Journal article | Nature Communications | Read

Human iPSC Co-culture Model to Investigate the Interaction between Microglia and Motor Neurons

Vahsen BF, Gray E, Candalija A, Cramb KML, Scaber J, Dafinca R, Katsikoudi A, Xu Y, Farrimond L, Wade-Martins R, James WS, Turner MR, Cowley SA, Talbot K

July 2022 | Journal article | Scientific Reports | Read

Pathogen-sugar Interactions Revealed by Universal Saturation Transfer Analysis.

Buchanan CJ, Baldwin A, et al.

July 2022 | Journal article | Science | Read

Influence of Effective Polarization on Ion and Water Interactions within a Biomimetic Nanopore

Phan LX, Lynch CI, Crain J, Sansom MSP, Tucker SJ 

June 2022 | Journal article | Biophysical Journal | Read

No Association Between Amygdala Responses to Negative Faces and Depressive Symptoms: Cross-Sectional Data from 28,638 Individuals in the UK Biobank Cohort

Tamm S, Harmer CJ, Schiel J, Holub F, Rutter MK, Spiegelhalder K, Kyle SD

June 2022 | Journal article | The American Journal of Psychiatry | Read

Patched 1 Regulates Smoothened by Controlling Sterol Binding to its Extracellular Cysteine-rich Domain

Kinnebrew M, Woolley RE, Ansell, TB, Byrne, EFX, Frigui S, Luchetti G, Sircar R, Nachtergaele S, Mydock-McGrane L, Krishnan K, Newstead S, Sansom MSP, Covey D, Siebold C, Rohatgi R

June 2022 | Journal article | Science Advances | Read

Cryo-EM Structures of Pentameric Autoinducer-2 Exporter from Escherichia Coli Reveal its Transport Mechanism

Khera R, Mehdipour AR, Bolla JR, Kahnt J, Welsch S, Ermler U, Muenke C, Robinson CV, Hummer G, Xie H

June 2022 | Journal article | The EMBO Journal | Read

Characterising Biomolecular Interactions and Dynamics with Mass Photometry.

Asor R and Kukura P

June 2022 | Journal article | Current Opinion in Chemical Biology | Read

Technical Performance Evaluation of Olink Proximity Extension Assay for Blood-Based Biomarker Discovery in Longitudinal Studies of Alzheimer's Disease.

Carlyle BC, Kitchen RR, Mattingly Z, Celia AM, Trombetta BA, Das S, Hyman BT, Kivisäkk P, Arnold SE

June 2022 | Journal article | Frontiers in Neurology | Read

Evidence‐informed is not enough: digital therapeutics also need to be evidence‐based.

Espie CA, Firth J, Torous J

June 2022 | Journal article | World Psychiatry | Read

Studies on enmetazobactam clarify mechanisms of widely used beta-lactamase inhibitors.

Lang PA, Raj R, Tumber A, Lohans CT, Rabe P, Robinson CV, Brem JU, Schofield CJ 

May 2022 | Journal article | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America | Read

Hyperexcitability in young iPSC-derived C9ORF72 mutant motor neurons is associated with increased intracellular calcium release.

Burley S, Beccano-Kelly DA, Talbot K, Llana OC, Wade-Martins R 

May 2022 | Journal article | Scientific Reports | Read

Multivalent interactions essential for lentiviral integrase function.

Ballandras-Colas A,  Chivukula V, Gruszka DT, Shan ZL, Singh PK, Pye VE, McLean RK, Bedwell GJ, Li W, Nans A, Cook NJ, Fadel HJ, Poeschla EM, Griffiths DJ, Vargas J, Taylor IA, Lyumkis D, Yardimci H, Engelman AN, Cherepanov P

May 2022 | Journal article | Nature Communications | Read



Initiation and progression of alpha-synuclein pathology in Parkinson's disease.

Tofaris GK.

April 2022 | Journal article | Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences | Read

Peptidoglycan biosynthesis is driven by lipid transfer along enzyme-substrate affinity gradients.

Oluwole AO, Corey RA, Brown CM, Hernandez-Rocamora VM, Stansfeld PJ, Vollmer W, Bolla JR, Robinson CV

April 2022 | Journal article | Nature Communications | Read

Capturing a rhodopsin receptor signalling cascade across a native membrane.

Chen SY, Getter T, Salom D, Wu D, Quetschlich D, Chorev DS, Palczewski K, Robinson CV 

April 2022 | Journal article | Nature | Read

Template-directed conjugation of heterogeneous oligonucleotides to a homobifunctional molecule for programmable supramolecular assembly.

Helmi S, Turberfield AJ 

March 2022 | Journal article | Nanoscale | Read

Re-examining extreme sleep duration in bats: implications for sleep phylogeny, ecology, and function.

Harding CD, Yovel Y, Peirson SN, Hackett TD, Vyazovskiy VV 

March 2022 | Journal article | Sleep | Read

Ion and water interactions with a biomimetic nanopore: molecular dynamics with effective polarization

Phan LX, Lynch CI, Crain J, Sansom MSP, Tucker SJ 

February 2022 | Journal article | Biophysical Journal | Read

An In Vivo Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer-Based Imaging Platform for Targeted Drug Discovery and Cancer Therapy.

Huang SG, Jiang C, Mughal MJ, Wang GY, Xing FQ

February 2022 | Journal article | Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology | Read

Heterotypic interactions drive antibody synergy against a malaria vaccine candidate.

Ragotte RJ, Pulido D, Lias AM, Quinkert D, Alanine DGW, Jamwal A, Davies H, Nacer A, Lowe ED, Grime G, Illingworth J, Donat, RF, Garman EF, Bowyer, PW, Higgins MK, Draper SJ

February 2022 | Journal article | Nature Communications | Read

Cryo-EM structure of human GPR158 receptor coupled to the RGS7-G beta 5 signaling complex.

Patil DN, Singh S, Laboute T, Strutzenberg TS, Qiu XY, Wu D, Novick SJ, Robinson CV, Griffin PR, Hunt JF, Izard T, Singh AK, Martemyanov KA

January 2022 | Journal article | Science | Read

Ion currents through Kir potassium channels are gated by anionic lipids.

Jin RT, He ST, Black KA, Clarke OB, Wu D, Bolla JR, Johnson P, Periasamy A, Wardak A, Czabotar P, Colman PM, Robinson CV, Laver D, Smith BJ, Gulbis JM 

January 2022 | Journal article | Nature Communications | Read

Recent breakthroughs and future directions in drugging aquaporins.

Salman MM, Kitchen P, Yool AJ, Bill RM

January 2022 | Journal article | Trends in Pharmacological Sciences | Read

Molecular basis for redox control by the human cystine/glutamate antiporter system xc.

Parker JL, Deme JC, Kolokouris D, Kuteyi G, Biggin PC, Lea SM, Newstead S

December 2021 | Journal article | Nature Communications | Read

Biallelic PI4KA variants cause neurological, intestinal and immunological disease

Salter CG, Cai Y, Lo B, Helman G, Taylor H, McCartney A, Leslie JS, Accogli A, Zara F, Traverso M, Fasham J, Lees JA, Ferla MP, Chioza BA, Wenger O, Scott E, Cross HE, Crawford J, Warshawsky I, Keisling M, Agamanolis D, Melver CW, Cox H, Elawad M, Marton T, Wakeling MN, Holzinger D, Tippelt S, Munteanu M, Valcheva D, Deal C, Van Meerbeke S, Vockley CW, Butte M, Acar U, van der Knaap MS, Korenke GC, Kotzaeridou U, Balla T, Simons C, Uhlig HH, Crosby AH, De Camilli P, Wolf NI, Baple EL

December 2021 | Journal article | Brain | Read

Break-ups and make-ups: DNA search and repair.

Lalande E, El Sayyed H

December 2021 | Journal article | Nature Reviews Microbiology | Read

Multiplexed Profiling of Extracellular Vesicles for Biomarker Development.

Jiang C, Fu Y, Liu G, Shu B, Davis J, Tofaris GK

December 2021 | Journal article | Nano-Micro Letters | Read

Acyl carrier protein promotes MukBEF action in Escherichia coli chromosome organization-segregation.

Prince JP, Bolla JR, Fisher GLM, Mäkelä J, Fournier M, Robinson CV, Arciszewska LK, Sherratt DJ

November 2021 | Journal article | Nature Communications | Read

Single molecule mass photometry reveals the dynamic oligomerization of human and plant peroxiredoxins.

Liebthal M, Kushwah MS, Kukura P, Dietz K-J

November 2021 | Journal article | iScience | Read

Effects of ionic strength on gating and permeation of TREK-2 K2P channels

Conrad LJ, Proks P, Tucker SJ

October 2021 | Journal article | Plos One | Read

Mass spectrometry informs the structure and dynamics of membrane proteins involved in lipid and drug transport.

Bolla JR, Fiorentino F, Robinson CV

October 2021 | Journal article | Current Opinion in Structural Biology | Read

Cryo-EM structure and resistance landscape of M. tuberculosis MmpL3: An emergent therapeutic target

Adams O, Deme JC, Parker JL, Fowler PW, Lea SM, Newstead S

October 2021 | Journal article | Structure | Read

Structural Basis for Silicic Acid Uptake by Higher Plants.

van den Berg B, Pedebos C, Bolla JR, Robinson CV, Baslé A, Khalid S

September 2021 | Journal article | Journal of Molecular Biology | Read


Molecular basis for redox control by the human cystine/glutamate antiporter System xc-

Parker JL, Deme JC, Kolokouris D, Kuteyi G, Biggin PC, Lea SM, Newstead S

August 2021 | Journal article | Read

Cryo-EM structure of PepT2 reveals structural basis for proton-coupled peptide and prodrug transport in mammals.

Parker JL, Deme JC, Wu Z, Kuteyi G, Huo J, Owens RJ, Biggin PC, Lea SM, Newstead S

August 2021 | Journal article | Science Advances | Read

The molecular basis of regulation of bacterial capsule assembly by Wzc.

Yang Y, Liu J, Clarke BR, Seidel L, Bolla JR, Ward PN, Zhang P, Robinson CV, Whitfield C, Naismith JH

July 2021 | Journal article | Nature Communications | Read

Structural basis of antifolate recognition and transport by PCFT.

Parker JL, Deme JC, Kuteyi G, Wu Z, Huo J, Goldman ID, Owens RJ, Biggin PC, Lea SM, Newstead S

July 2021 | Journal article | Nature | Read

Cryo-EM structure and resistance landscape of M. tuberculosis MmpL3: An emergent therapeutic target.

Adams O, Deme JC, Parker JL, CRyPTIC Consortium, Fowler PW, Lea SM, Newstead S

June 2021 | Journal article | Structure | Read

The antibiotic darobactin mimics a β-strand to inhibit outer membrane insertase.

Kaur H, Jakob RP, Marzinek JK, Green R, Imai Y, Bolla JR, Agustoni E, Robinson CV, Bond PJ, Lewis K, Maier T, Hiller S

May 2021 | Journal article | Nature | Read