Equality and Diversity Statement

At the Kavli INsD we are committed to creating and sustaining an environment in which all individuals feel valued and respected – an environment with diversity, equality and inclusion at its core. We are proud of the unique backgrounds which form a community in which we are all able to work together to achieve our full potential. We recognise that it is our differences that play a critical role in our success, both as individuals and as a community.




The Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Building, 'Parents & Carers Support Group' is aimed at parents, parents-to-be, and carers, and is a space to share information and experiences on a range of topics such as childcare, schools, parental leave, returning to work, HR/administration, and more.

The group aims to provide informal, practical support to complement existing resources provided by the University at Information for parents | HR Support (ox.ac.uk).

The group is open to all parents and carers based in the DCH Building and information is available on the Department of Biochemistry’s intranet site at Parents, Carers and Flexible Working Page - Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford (NOTE: University SSO access is required)




A team of Welfare Officers (collaboration between Kavli INsD and the Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics) are available to provide confidential support and guidance, either formal or informal, to all Kavli INsD based staff no matter what their concern may be, or which Division or Department they are based in. All University staff also have access to the University’s Employee Assistance Programme


Conversations with Welfare Officers, including discussing concerns about bullying or harassment or domestic abuse, as examples,  can simply involve an informal chat (in person or online). The aim is to provide support in the best and most suitable way possible.


Should anyone witness something believed to be bullying or harassment, the concerns can also be raised confidentially using bystander@bioch.ox.ac.uk  or Brent Ryan (brent.ryan@dpag.ox.ac.uk) ¹

Messages sent to these accounts will be read by a member of the Welfare Officers network, who will then contact the concerned person for a further discussion.


Additional University advice is available at Harassment advice | Equality and Diversity Unit (ox.ac.uk) and Domestic Abuse | HR Support (ox.ac.uk)


Talking about concerns not only helps support those directly involved, and may also help prevent future incidents, while contributing to a more inclusive culture for all members of the Kavli INsD community.



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¹ based in the Kavli Institute